ECO Plane Cutting Machine and Energy Saving Machines in MINZ Inc.

24 Oct

Through the solution of production saving and supports to help your company grow.


Global material price, electricity price, and labour salary constantly rise in this era, which is a heavy production cost burden to factories producing consuming products.


Energy Saving Machine Supplier


The leading pioneer in production saving – MINZ Inc. and its partners have developed a series of production saving products and services, such as our cutting energy saving system, ECO plane cutting machine, traveling head cutting machine, swing arm cutting machine and other energy saving machines:


  • MINZ Save Energy Systems can dramatically reduce production machinery’s electricity consumption.
  • MINZ Remote System can gather and generate Big Data from client’s production line for internal management.
  • Automation solution can reduce production WIP and labour.


Here, I am going to introduce one of MINZ’s excellent energy saving machines. That’s an ECO Plane Cutting Machine. Read more details below:


ECO Plane Cutting Machine

(Beam Cutting) (25tons)

ECO Plane Cutting Machine

Less Energy

Machine consumes almost no electricity when it’s idling. Through MINZ’s specially designed utility servo motor, European designed IGP and Controller, average energy saving is 70~90 %.( Patent applied)


Less Temperature

When the machine is not cutting, it generates zero noise, and the temperature of hydraulic fluid and motor are reduced half. That can provide operator a more comfortable working environment.


Less Oil

Our product uses servo power system. Servo system is more stable and motor rotation is far less than normal type, so hydraulic oil can last longer time.



The plane cutting machine is suitable for one or more layers of material, like shoe uppers, leather car seats, insole boards, rubber outsoles, and much more.


Through MINZ’s global partners, a total solution of production saving and supports can be provided. If you have any interest in ECO plane cutting machines and energy saving machines, try to check out MINZ’s website to find the suitable energy saving solution you need.


Watch Video to Obtain Further Details:



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Tel: +886-4-2247-9999

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