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Long-Established and Recognized Pneumatic Cylinder Manufacturer

Ashun is a long-established and recognized pneumatic cylinder manufacturer with a reputation for high quality and dependable service. With commitment to the high quality, and fast-delivery, our company keeps evaluating our expertise and harboring the advanced automotive production equipment. Combined with the computer technology, we designed the latest products which not only leads the market trend, but caters to the complex customers’ needs!


Ashun supplies several major pneumatic cylinders, which are MA, MT, SR, MR series. The manufacturing plant is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to ensure each products meeting the demanding requirements of customers. Aimed at the solutions for any operating problems, we have complete service including technical advices, whole programming, after-sale, etc. Our sales could serve you regarding products at your disposal! The company is committed to technical excellence in providing the highest quality pneumatic cylinder products and services to customers around the world.

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Pneumatic Cylinder, ISO Cylinder of Ashun Manufacturer

Pneumatic cylinders (sometimes known as air cylinders) are mechanical devices which use the power of compressed gas to produce a force in a reciprocating linear motion.
Founded in 1984, ASHUN is an experienced pneumatic cylinder manufacturer in the industry. ASHUN created brand has established a fine reputation worldwide.Indeed, ASHUN has a symbol of quality. Our professional R & D team develops new machines continuously to meet our customers’ needs. As a superior supplier, ASHUN provides high quality products including ISO cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, directional control valves, flow control valves and cylinders for industry machinery.

Pneumatic Cylinder Series:

SR SeriesSR Series

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TEL: 886-4-24071322
FAX: 886-4-24070255