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NC Rotary Table and Vise Configuration Enhances Mass Production

The special dovetail design of the vise body allows greater accuracy and efficiency in combination with the NC rotary table.


Safeway in Taiwan will be highlighting what they describe as an innovative configuration of NC rotary table with multiple clamping vises. The manufacturers maintain that the combination will benefit the mass production of electronic elements or smaller workpieces by enhancing work efficiency and increasing production capacity. The arrangement comprises a set of vises installed on a specific base that ranges in length from 300 to 700 mm. A special feature is that the base of the vises has been designed with a dovetail shape that allows all movements and adjustments to be coordinated easily, stably and precisely. The company also points out that different sizes of workpiece can be handled. The NC rotary table has reportedly been optimized by integrating elements such as a built-in air-hydraulic booster, a high-capacity disc brake, large-sized bearings and a waterproofed electric box. All key solid structures are made from highly rigid FCD600 JIS (GGG-60) ductile iron with a high tensile strength of 60 kg/mm2. The exhibitors add that they can also draw on over 30 years of experience in the field of work-holding devices to construct a variety of solutions to suit particular demands.


Contact: Ann Hung, Safeway Machinery Industry Corporation

Tel: +886 4 26308857




When mentioned rotary table, please don’t miss another Taiwan local company, Tanshing Accurate Industrial Co., Ltd... The company is also going to attend the grand B2B event – EMO Hannover 2017. Tanshing will present their high quality CNC Rotary Table, Rotary Indexing Table, CNC Tilting Table and more.


Need more details, welcome to check out here:

Tanshing Accurate Industrial Co., Ltd.

tanshing emo hannover 2017

Tanshing Accurate Industrial Co., Ltd. in EMO Hannover 2017


Tel: +886-4-2538-4978

Fax: +886-4-2538-4980




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Rotary Table

A rotary table is described as a precision device used for work positioning. The rotary table which is commonly used in metal work makes it possible for a metal worker to drill. In addition, it enables the metal worker to cut their work on fixed axes at specific intervals. There are different types of rotary tables. Some tables allow users to make use of indexing plates for indexing related operations while others allow users to fit dividing tables which then results in effective work positioning.


A rotary table has numerous uses. It may for instance be used for purposes of machining spanner flats on bolts, drilling holes that are equidistant on circular flanges and cutting round pieces with protruding tangs. In addition, a rotary table may also be used by a metal worker to create holes with large diameters on milling machines that are small and lack enough energy to power big twist drills. Moreover, they may be used for purposes of mixing helixes and also for cutting complex curves.


A rotary table has numerous parts and components all with different functions. However, the most crucial part on this table is the work table. The work table consists of a spherical working area. On this area are four t- slots which are used with clamps for purposes of mounting work pieces. A rotary table also comes with a clank handle that allows users to rotate the work table either clockwise or anti clockwise. The clank handle has been geared to ensure that rotates the table with just a single revolution. The clamp levers on the table help to ensure that once an angle has been selected, the table remains fixed. There are two bases on these tables. One base is used for vertical rotation while the other is used for horizontal rotation. The indexing pin on the rotary table allows the metal worker to locate and lock onto general angles.


When converted to operations that are stepper motor with CNC milling machines as well as tail stocks, the table makes it possible for metal workers to make parts that would otherwise require the use of a lathe. Often times, the rotary table is mounted flat on a similar plane as cutters on vertical milling machines. However, the table has to be spun on a perpendicular axis. To use the table work piece, certain things are required. These are the table itself, index plates, tailstock, milling machine, dial indicator, test bar, wrench and a dead-blow hammer. When using the table, the first step involves the metal worker mounting the table onto a milling table. The user has an option of mounting the table either in horizontal or vertical configurations. Subsequently, if in vertical position, the table should be aligned. The users should then fix the tailstock onto the milling table and set up the index plates. At this point, its ready for use. When using the table it is important that the user adheres to all safety guidelines.


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The Professional Rotary Table Manufacturer: Spintop Machinery

Founded in 1993, Spintop Machinery Co., Ltd is a leading and professional rotary table manufacturer in Taiwan. Spintop’s main product includes NC rotary table, hydraulic index rotary table, pneumatic index rotary table, NC rotary indexing table, tailstock, controller & display, and rotary table accessory. In the beginning, we cooperated with the Industrial Technique Institute for Research in Taipei for developing the relative products and components. We are experienced in producing NC rotary table over 10 Years. We have very and highly evaluation from the same trades and our customers. We sell our products to the whole world and our products are affirmative by Europe and America countries. We are full of confidence that we can be your best partner in supplying rotary table¬†and other product. If you need the further details of our rotary tables, please kindly contact us at any time.

Spintop Machinery Co., Ltd.
1F, No. 220, Shenlin S. Rd. Daya Area, Taichung City, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel: 886-4-25682975
Fax: 886-4-25681016

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