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Best CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Manufacturer in Taiwan – Yeh Chiun

Yeh Chiun CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Manufacturer

Since the establishment of Yeh Chiun Industrial Co., Ltd., the company has been known for the production of high accuracy NC/CNC multiple axes hydraulic press brakes, automated mechatronic integrated system, and automatic producing line of box forming equipment, refrigerator panel, a whole set of clean room panel forming equipment and cold roll forming machine…etc., and has won the recognition of the industry and confidence of customers.


In order to provide wider range of products to fulfill the increasing demands of customers, series of shears are developed. Through continuing self-motivation, the procedure of design, manufacture, inspection and service are under strict quality management to enable the product reach the deserved quality level.


Yeh Chiun believes that base on their decade’s hydraulic machines manufacturing experiences; they will achieve the ideal of “Pursuit for outstanding quality, continuous improvement. Upgrade competitive advantage, everlasting business management.” and to establish a high efficiency, flexible and competitive production system.


Now, if you want to get more information of CNC hydraulic press brake, please do not hesitate to contact with Yeh Chiun!



Yeh Chiun Industrial Co., Ltd.

No. 75, Fu Tat St, Hsi Bah Village, Wu Jih Dist, Taichung City, Taiwan




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First-Rate Can Production Line Manufacturer – Shin I Machinery Works

Shin I Machinery Works Co., Ltd. Their contribution to the can-making and the canning industries both at home and abroad is witnessed by the growth of this company today.


They started with punching dies. Canning machines, and mushroom processing machines, and soon they developed into producing automatic can-making machinery. After years of research and planning, Shin I has been able to produce the complete line of high speed automatic machinery and equipment as a new contribution to the can-making industries.


For the late years, their production equipment and facilities have been modernized and increased considerably and their research strengthened. As new techniques develop from their constant research, their products will be improved to offer you more and better productivity at even much lower cost.


Serving the world market with new techniques and quality product, Shin I is always the first-rate automatic can-making machinery and canning machinery to help you grow better and faster.


To get more information of can production line, please do not hesitate to contact with SHIN I Machinery Works!


Shin I Machinery Works Co., Ltd.

No.43 Chung-Cheng Street, Ching Shui, Taichung, Taiwan.

TEL: +886-4-26238181

FAX: +886-4-26232129



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Taichung, TAIWAN – TMTS 2018 Demonstrates Taiwan’s Machine Tool Competitiveness

The Only Machine Tool Industrial Cluster in the World

Taiwan has the world’s only machine tool and accessory industrial cluster, which can meet the global demand for machine tools, parts, and components. Due to the tight integration of the country’s machine tool industry supply chain and geographical location, the production efficiency and resilience of Taiwan’s machine tool industry has been significantly enhanced.


Taiwan’s Machine Tools Have Moved towards Smart Manufacturing and Have Improved Processing Efficiency

In response to the aging, shortage and high cost of the global labor force, and to meet the needs of customers in the consumer market for customization, changeability and rapid production, Taiwan’s machine tools are equipped with complete and diverse intelligent functions such as temperature rise compensation, anti-collision and process optimization for single machines, and automated manufacturing cells and production lines constructed by the “integrated machine tool and automation facility” equipped with robotic arms. Moreover, technology, knowledge and information as well as human ingenuity and creative development are also combined with these functions to apply in the “Smart Manufacturing System.”


Outstanding Products and Customized Service

In pursuit of research and innovation, Taiwan’s machine tool manufacturers, in addition to continuous improvement of structural design and functions of their products, can also tailor customized solutions for their clients. In recent years, the manufacturers have further deliberated in terms of system integration how to help their customers’ production and processing so as to increase their competitive edges, which illustrates that the industry has transformed from the previously “cold” machine tool builder to a “thoughtful” manufacturing partner.


Outstanding domestic and foreign manufacturers have made great efforts to participate in the “2018 Taiwan International Machine Tool Show (TMTS).” From machine tools to automation, customization and smart demand, or smart manufacturing cloud platform and other comprehensive solutions, the exhibitors can help the visitors experience the efforts and innovations made by Taiwan’s machine tool industrialists to serve their customers.

TMTS 2018

Company Name: Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders’ Association (TMBA)

Contact Person: Elisa Li






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Radial Drill Machinery: Tailift, Your Best Manufacturer for Radial Drill

Tailift is Taiwan’s leading manufacturer of radial drill press machines.


First Choice of Radial Drill Manufacturer

 Tailift Radial Drill Manufacturer

The drilling machine is the platform that Tailift enter the sheet metal machine market. Accumulate 35 years’ experience for researching, developing, manufacturing, sale and service, Tailift’s radial drill has been trusted deeply by the market user. In 1978, Tailift became the biggest radial drilling machine manufacturer in Taiwan.


With more than 35 years of in-depth industry knowledge and experience, Tailift has developed variety types of radial drills, such as manual clamping, electric clamping, full hydraulic clamping and hydraulic clamping.


Tailift understands that clients have diverse and evolving business needs. They take pride in being able to meet the demanding needs from clients.


If you want to get more information about radial drill machines, please do not miss Tailift Co., Ltd… The company will be your best radial drill cooperation partner.



Tailift Co., Ltd.

170, Cheng Kung 3rd Rd, Nankang Ind. Zone, NanKang, Nantou Taiwan, R.O.C

Tel: +886-49-2254300

Fax: +886-49-2254302



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Best Hydraulic Swing Arm Cutting Machine, Try to Visit MINZ Inc.

Do You Know What A Swing Arm Cutting Machine is?

A hydraulic swing arm cutting machine is a highly efficient machine for the cutting of small parts in small and mean lot sizes. Swing arm cutting machines are highly efficient in all sizes of production.


It applies in almost all application areas and you can find it in almost all industries from small saddlery up to great automotive suppliers.


This type is also used as a further machine for the working of residual materials and in the lab.


Professional Swing Arm Cutting Machine Manufacturer


You also can find hydraulic swing arm cutting machine in MINZ Inc. But, PM-525SP cutting machine in MINZ is used for another application – shoe cutting. Below, I’ll show you the MINZ swing arm cutting machine:



ECO Swing Arm Cutting Machine (25 tons)

Hydraulic Swing Arm Cutting Machine

  • Equips with MINZ Energy System, consumes no energy when not cutting.
  • Temperature of hydraulic fluid and motor is reduced 30%, and uses 70% less electricity comparing to traditional cutting machine.
  • Configure cutting distance within 5 seconds with precision up to 0.5mm.
  • Swinging requires less than 1kg strength, less fatigue to operate.
  • Optional add-on Barcode Scan System to instantly set up each Cutting Die’s required cutting distance, Remote Manage System to centralize production data.

Contact MINZ for More Swing Arm Cutting Machines!

If you have any interest in MINZ hydraulic swing arm cutting machine or other shoe machine, please try to check out the website of MINZ. Get more specification and product information, welcome to send inquiry or contact them directly.



MINZ Inc. (Headquarter)

No.46, Anshun E. 6th St., Beitun Dist., Taichung City 406, Taiwan

Tel: +886-4-2247-9999

Fax: +886-4-2247-4545



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TRUPRO-TEC : Best Manufacturer of Surface Grinder Machines and Woodworking Machines

Looking for Quality Surface Grinder?

If you are looking for ideal grinding machines, I recommend that you can visit the website of Trupro-tec Industrial.


Combining extensive knowhow in the metalworking field with core technologies, Trupro-tec has been committed to providing an extensive range of surface grinder machines and offers a variety of sizes and functions. Being one of specialist in the metal grinding field, Trupro-tec always develops more new machine to update the whole industry.


Their range of heavy- duty wood processing machines have found a steady market in North America and Europe and are very well accepted for their quality and reliability. CE and CSA standards are available for most of machines they sell on customer’s request.


Trupro-tec metal grinder equipment include manual surface grinders, high precision surface grinding machines, column moving type grinder, automatic grinders, also contain wood grinding machines and more.


In the future, Trupro-tec will positively expand the global market, by improving the design, manufacturing and quality control of their operation, building up a better future, they are confident to make great breakthrough and make more contribution to their partners.


Get more information about surface grinder machines please do not hesitate to check out Trupro-tec website immediately.


TRUPRO-TEC Industrial Co., Ltd.

No.90, Alley22, Lane 428, Sec. 1, Fong Yuan Blvd. Fong Yuan Dist. Taichung City, Taiwan, ROC

Tel: 886-4-25358299 (Rep)

Fax: 886-4-25332009



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Best Manufacturer for Wire Cut Machine – Excetek Technologies Co., Ltd.

V400G-plus Wire Cut Machine

Excetek Technologies Co., Ltd. is a specialized field wire cut machine manufacturer, the technology and management core belongs to a group of experienced and highly professional technicians.


The company has more than 18 years’ experience in R&D and manufacturing in the wire-cut field with accumulative wire-cut technical experience both in Japan & Taiwan, also Taiwan’s top wire-cut technical group.


These experienced technicians have undergone the R&D of submerged-type、start at break-point threading in the AWT, table travel over 1000mm, machining thickness of 500mm in the enlarged model with the approach of technology and applied theory, with “Precision”, “Automation” as the core center, introducing the R&D of high speed and high efficiency machinery.


Recent 10 years’ wire-cut technology in Taiwan has developed tremendously, having this technology force as back support and for the sake of manufacturing a ‘real’ highly precise and highly efficient wire-cut EDM.


Mission of Excetek:

“Dependency” is to trust technology, quality and service, and to create customer satisfaction and staff happiness is the witness of trustiness.


“Innovative” technology is key to success, and the company should lead demand, devote ourselves to product improvement, lead social need, focus on commodity development, and make efforts to technologies and services that satisfy with customers.


Taiwan Best Wire Cutting Machine Manufacturer


In 2017, Excetek won many prizes such as The 26th Taiwan Excellence Award, The 14th National Brand Yushan Award, and The Certificate of 2017 D&B TOP 1000 SMEs Elite Award, etc. These awards attest to Excetek’s excellence and accomplishment in the industry. Especially, its award-winning wire cutting EDM machines.


Excetek insists to supply only the best quality EDM machines and related electro discharge machining accessories to clients around the world, and it has also earned well reputations by high quality EDM machines it manufactured.


To contribute to the world with high quality EDM machines is always the aim Excetek keeps going. Learn more information about wire cut machine, please visit Excetek immediately.



Excetek Technologies Co., Ltd.

No.10, Fenggong 3rd Rd., Shengang Dist., Taichung City, Taiwan




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Co Extruder Machines Manufacturing Expert – Leader Extrusion Machinery

Leader Extrusion Machinery Company is the Best Co-Extruder Machine Manufacturer for You


Taiwan Extruder Machine Manufacturer


Leader Extrusion Machinery has more than 20 years’ experience designing and manufacturing plastic extrusion machinery. They are specializing in manufacturing of PP, PS, PVC, PC sheet extrusion lines and PP, PC PET hollow profile sheet extrusion lines.


Manufacturing customized products for clients is one of Leader main goals. Leader has earned a marvelous reputation for its advanced technology and reliable quality. The company offers the best possible extrusion solution without any compromise to quality, service, or delivery. Among customers, employees, and the company, Leader will be your best friend and business partner forever.


The company motto is “steady, service, and reliability”. They are dedicated to technological research and development, total customer satisfaction and providing superior quality, high production, and profitable co extruder machines. The result is a win-win-win situation shared by their customers, employees, and the company. More than just a business partner, with Leader you’ve got friends.


Features of Leader Extrusion Machinery


  • Advanced Machines

To assure high quality and high precision products Leader Extrusion Machinery Company is equipped with sophisticated high tech production machinery and equipment.


  • High Grade Manufacture

With the improvement of technology, plastic extrusion film and sheets have become everyday products. With lightweight, waterproof, durable and environmental features applications are unlimited!


Learn more information about co extruder machines manufacturer, please visit Leader Extrusion Machinery: Feel free to send inquiry to Leader.



Leader Extrusion Machinery Ind. Co., Ltd.

No.235, Sec.1, Gangbu Rd., Wuqi Dist., Taichung City 43546, Taiwan.

Tel: 886-4-2638-0888

Fax: 886-4-2638-0333


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Professional Cold Roll Forming Machine Manufacturers – Yunsing Industrial

Established in 1972, Yunsing Industrial Co., Ltd. has held “adhering to excellent quality and enhanced reliability to create outstanding customer satisfaction” as our business philosophy.


Yunsing has accumulated more than 40 years of experience specializing in manufacturing steel plate automatic cold roll forming machines with advanced technologies and superior quality products, such as roofing and wall cladding, corrugated sheets, stepped tile roofing, floor decking, C-Purlin, rolling shutters and door frames.


With all the staff’s effort, Yunsing cold roll forming machines are widely used in more than 60 countries, covering the U.S., Canada, Central and South America, U.K., Spain, Africa, Russia, Australia, and Southeast Asia, winning trusts and supports from customers all over the world.


One out of three steel plate cold roll forming machines made in Taiwan should come from Yunsing. Yunsing, as a team of oneness, has a vision to persist with innovation for change, for growth and for transformation, which has earned trust from the world’s major manufacturers to form a global strategic alliance.


This vision, as Yunsing’s everlasting corporate value, creates a momentum to fulfillment and success, and continuously brings Yunsing technology humanization and highest trustworthiness to embrace the new era of hopes and challenges.


If you have any interest in learning more information about roll forming machine manufacturers, welcome to visit their website and feel free to contact with Yunsing.



Yunsing Industrial Co., Ltd.

No, 472, Yen Ping N. Rd., Sec. 6, Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C

TEL: +886-2-28120007

FAX: +886-2-28131932



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DETZO, Best Automated Production Line Partner for You

One Stop Service. Smart Factory. Smart Manufacturing.

DETZO Co., Ltd. is your best global partner for automatic machine line, winding machine, soldering, testing, pin inserting, and assembly etc.


The company has devoted to automated production line and turnkey solution since 1991. Its global service and marketing in Taiwan, China, Europe, USA, Russia, India, Indonesia, Japan & Korea to provide just in time JIT service.


DETZO establishes eco-system and supply chain to achieve goal of making customer satisfy. Machine combines with ergonomics, mechanics and aesthetic in design. Now, factory is moving forward to Industry 4.0, it connect with automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies and includes cyber-physical systems, IoT, internet, remote communications, robotics, AR, VR.


Nowadays, DETZO is a pioneer in the auto industry. The company provides turnkey solution cover with the perfect combination of service, price, quality and competition. They sincerely invite you to visit DETZO for further business discussion at any time.


Get more information about automated production line, please visit DETZO:



DETZO Co., Ltd.

No.30, Wugong 5th Rd., Wugu Dist., New Taipei City 248, Taiwan




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