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Founded in 1988, Coolmosa specializes in CPU Cooler System manufacturing. As one of reputed CPU Cooler System experts, Coolmosa is committed to providing highest quality CPU Coolers, CPU Heatsinks, CPU Covers through our state-of-the-art technology. Coolmosa has more than 10 years of experience in Cooler field. Here we design and offer a wide selection of Coolers that fit various devices. Our CPU Cooler┬áis manufactured using Fins Skiving Technology – one of the worlds most advanced Technology, a new concept developed and produced by CoolSonic. Inquiries are welcome.


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Coolmosa, the Expert of Metal Stamping Products: CPU Cooler, CPU Cover

Coolmosa metal stamping manufacturer strives to be the professional metal stampings provider. Coolmosa can supply all kinds of metal stampings for stamping parts, stamping dies, CPU coolers, CPU heatsinks, CPU covers and other metal stamping products. If you are interested in Coolmosa’s metal stamping or need further information or problems, please do not hesitate to contact soon.
Product experience, low price, availability and best service are the cornerstones for a foundation based on Coolmosa to our customer. Have ISO 9002 approval, we always do our best to control metal stampings quality seriously. Welcome to visit Coolmosa’s web site and enjoy it, and welcome your inquiry from anytime and anywhere!

Metal Stamping Series:

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Stamping Part, Num 007 Stamping Parts, Num 009 Stamping Part, Num 010

Coolmosa Technology Co., Ltd.
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Contact: Max Chen (General Manager)
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