The Greatest Oil Seal Manufacturers in Taiwan – Lian Yu Oil Seal

05 Jun

“Expertise + Premium Quality = LYO’s Continuity”

Oil Seals

Lian Yu Oil Seal Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded in 1978 as a professional oil seal manufacturer. They aim to produce the highest quality of oil seals and export around the world. After years of efforts, they have accumulated vast experience and knowledge. Their product lines include bus oil seals, oil bath seals, industrial oil seals, special seal, rubber seals, vehicle oil seals, etc.


By adopting a two-path strategy of OBM (original brand manufacturing) with the brand name “LYO” and OEM (original equipment manufacturing), Lian Yu Oil Seal Enterprise Co., Ltd. has made imprints in global markets on all five continents for decades. LYO has so far enjoyed stable and continuous growth as well as a firm position in the international market. In addition to opening up overseas markets, training quality manpower, maintaining vigorous ambitions, and creating lasting, mutually beneficial client relationships are among the driving forces behind LYO’s business operations.


To keep updated with the latest market needs, Lian Yu Oil Seal is using the new technology to improve the transfer and exchange of information across the corporation. They make every effort to hire the best engineers to develop the oil seal to the latest market requirements. The unrivalled and expertise in the design and manufacture of oil seals has earned Lian Yu great reputation for outstanding performance, superior quality and competitive price. A commitment from all of the staff is to ensure every piece of item leaving Lian Yu has high quality standards built into it.


Lian Yu is able to supply custom molded designs for oil seals in any material and in virtually any shape or size. Please contact Lian Yu oil seal manufacturer with any questions you may have about the oil seal products and services. They will be your best oil seals cooperation partner!



Lian Yu Oil Seal Enterprise Co., Ltd.

No.65-1, Xinxing St., Dadu Dist., Taichung City 432, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

TEL: 886-4-26991181~4

FAX: 886-4-26996184




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