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CHEVALIER CNC Surface Grinder Won the Taiwan Excellence Award of 2018

Choose CHEVALIER to Succeed in Grinding Machinery Market




CHEVALIER is awarded The 26th Taiwan Excellence Award. Its “SMART-B818III Multi-Function CNC Surface Grinder” proves the significant success of CHEVALIER’s excellence by winning this award.


The company, CHEVALIER, provides impressive high efficiency surface grinders for customers. Every single one of their surface grinding machines are intricately designed to totally accommodate the infinite demands that high mix production places on businesses of any size, no matter how big or small.


The requirements of customers and commitment to high-quality products are their policy which has remained unchanged throughout the history of CHEVALIER and has fundamentally established reputation of quality and service in the machine tool industry. Thus, CHEVALIER surface grinder won the Taiwan Excellence Award that is well deserved.


Below, show you the award-winning product:


Multi-Function CNC Surface Grinder


CNC Grinding Machine

  • SMART-B818Ⅲ Provides New Functions And Optional Accessories: Load measuring, manual dynamic balancing, in-process height measuring system, intelligent cloud and 15” touch-screen control panel.
  • The SMART-III is capable of machining “mirror” surface finishes on highly and accurately ground workpieces with micro-finish of 5 RMS.
  • Wheel Spindle Speed: SMART-B818III–1,000~7,000rpm
  • Table Size (W x L): SMART-B818III–200 x 460mm (8”x18”)
  • Wheel Spindle Power: SMART-B818III–up to 3kW (4HP)
  • The SMART’s movements are programmable in increments of 0.001mm
  • Grinding Wheel Size (OD x Width x Bore): SMART-B818III– 203 x 12.7 x 31.75mm.
  • The SMART’s PC-based control, combined with a user-friendly conversational Task-Link function, makes it easy to learn and operate.
  • Constant contact dressing programs are provided to increase the dressing efficiency.


If you want to learn more information about CHEVALIER’s CNC Grinding Machine or Taiwan Excellence Award, try to check out below:


Falcon Machine Tools Co., Ltd.



Taiwan Excellence



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Alpha Brass Controls Won the Taiwan Excellence Award of 2018

Congratulations! Several Alpha Brass Controls products are awarded the 26th Taiwan Excellence Award. In this article, I’m going to show one of the great products for you.


Alpha Brass Controls Mechanical Thermostat Won The Taiwan Excellence Award


Commercial High Capacity Mechanical Thermostat

A65T Model

ABC Mechanical Thermostat

The thermostat with patented mechanism design could adjust the temperature by end users to decrease after-sale cost significantly. For its manufacturing process, it produces by specific vacuum filter machine to save 80% time than traditional manufacturing process and to increase 5 times daily capacity. This mechanical thermostat raises the product profit and the competitiveness.


The innovation of this product is on simplified the mechanism design of flow adjustment, maintained high reliability and stability, needless power supplying, avoided contact oxidation under the harsh environment, extended product life cycle through decreasing free mechanism design.


Well, Where to Find This Excellent Thermostat?


Undoubtedly, Alpha Brass Controls Inc. would be your best choice!


Established in 1989, Alpha Brass Controls Inc. (ABC) is dedicated to the manufacture and sale of safety valves for commercial cooking appliances. By its professional manufacturing strength, the products of ABC are supported by multiple international certified quality systems.


Together with breakthrough development and combining industry resources, ABC is committed itself to the “Beauty”, “Benefit”, and “Good” industry of green energy.


Its global sales networks cover from Europe, USA, and China. In 2015, by planning intelligent production and automation process equipment, ABC has established a solid global business and strong customer relationship. From production to after sales service, it offers best product, technical consultation, and customization services to our customer. To fulfilling customers’ requirements, Alpha Brass Controls has implement ISO9001 standard quality control measures. The company’s products meet with CSA, CE, AGA and UL international safety certification.


If you are interested in learning more information about Alpha Brass Controls award-winning products, try to check out here:




Alpha Brass Controls Inc. Contact Information:

No.6 Lane 535, Sec 9, Chungching Rd., Chingshui Taichung, 43648, TAIWAN

Tel: +886-4-26271407

Fax: +886-4-26265563


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Axisco Broach Machine Won the Taiwan Excellence Award of 2018

If you are looking for high quality broaching machines supplier, Axisco would be your best choice!


Taiwan Broaching Machine Manufacturer – Axisco


Established in 1984, Axisco Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. specialized in various kinds of automated processing equipment and aims to create the greatest benefit to customers with the most economical equipment costs for solving mass CNC equipment production problems.


Axisco awarded The 26th Taiwan Excellence Award. Its best sale “Table Up Broaching Machine” proves the significant success of Axisco’s innovation and quality by winning this award.


I’m going to present the best sale broaching machine details below:


Table Up Broaching Machine

CHU-0508 /0510 /0813 /1013 /1516 /2016

Axisco Broach Machine


Working height and total height is lower. The operation is easy, and it is much easier for integrating with other process. When it comes to tradition hydraulic broaching machines, the operator has to use stairs or make a pit for the machine.


Servo broaching system makes the process very stable. The motor is stopped during loading & unloading, power consumption is less by 20% and up.


The smart interface is developed from Axisco’s experience with thousands of customers. It is easy to operate the machine as well as to do problem shooting. All different tools can be managed easily into the controller.


Features of Broach Machine


  1. Low working height
  2. easy to integrate with other machining process
  3. Fully servo controlled, which is precise and stable.
  4. Tool vibration is less.
  5. Energy saving 20% and up.
  6. Space saving 20% and up.
  7. Smart control interface.
  8. Broaching, tool cleaning, chip cleaning are all automatic.
  9. Customization of 1 to 3 stations is available.
  10. Auto loading / unloading is available.



This new Table Up Broach Machine has special mechanism design. It lowers the height of operating and machine substantially so that the user is able to stand on the ground to operate the machine. Also, it is easy to integrate automated manufacturing with pre-processing and post-processing.


If you want to learn more information about Axisco’s broaching machines or Taiwan Excellence Award, try to check out here:



Axisco Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.



Taiwan Excellence


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EVERISING Fully Automatic Circular Saw Is Awarded The 26th Taiwan Excellence Award

Choose EVERISING Circular Saw To Help You Work Easier.


Congratulations! EVERISING is awarded Taiwan Excellence Award 2018. Its high quality “P-50C / P-75C / P-100C / P-150C Model Fully Automatic Circular Saw” shows EVERISING’s excellence and success.


Below, I will show you the information about EVERISING and its awarded machinery.


About EVERISING Band Saw Company


EVERISING has been specializing in mid to large size band saws and circular saws since 1982. Its R&D has yielded constant break-through over the years and has made it become the leading band saw manufacturer in the industry. With two factories in Taichung, Taiwan and another in Kunshan, China, yearly output is in excess of 2,000 units. In Taiwan, sales offices are located in Taipei, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung. China has over ten branch offices and service centers, providing complete pre-sales and after-sales services with full scale sawing technology. EVERISING has more than forty sales distributors around the world, and its equipment can be found in over sixty countries worldwide.


The Circular Saw Machine Won Taiwan Excellence Award 2018


Fully Automatic Circular Saw

P-50C / P-75C / P-100C / P-150C

Fully Automatic Circular Saw

Circular Saw Characteristic

  1. Machine construction by full enclosure protection cover.
  2. Cutting and feeding driven by AC servo motor and precision ball screw.
  3. Bars are conveyed by heavy duty rollers with floating support mechanism to eliminate lateral run-out of the material.
  4. Hydraulic cylinder may shift the bar material upwards/downwards automatically.
  5. Automatic chip conveyor under saw blade directly.
  6. Air filter for collecting oil smoke for maintaining clean environment.
  7. Inner brake: reduce vibration make cutting steady, reach high accuracy cutting and lengthen the blade life.
  8. Cooling air blow to saw blade for extending life time.
  9. Compact Hydraulic unit for easy maintenance and service.
  10. Friendly and easy to operate touch screen.
  11. Vertical and horizontal hydraulic clamping devices.


If you are interested in learning more information about EVERISING circular saws, welcome to check out the website below:





Taiwan Excellence – EVERISING



EVERISING CNC Band Saw Manufacturer Is Always Your Best Cooperation Partner!


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Taiwan Excellence Award 2018: Excetek NP600L Wire EDM Machine

Excetek Technologies is always the best EDM machines manufacturer for you.




Excetek is awarded The 26th Taiwan Excellence Award. Its latest product “NP600L Intelligent High Precision Liner Motor Wire EDM Machine” proves the significant success of Excetek’s innovation and quality by winning this award.


I’m going to show you this excellent EDM machine details below:


Intelligent High Precision Liner Motor Wire EDM Machine


Excetek Taiwan Excellence Award

  1. Innovation Value

(1)Precision: low error, intelligent processing module and smart corner control.

(2)Efficiency: DPM module, Improve efficiency.

(3) Cost saving: intelligent power management, low running costs.

(4) Intelligent networking: Remote monitor and management, connect all controller portable device monitor.

(5) Automation: high speed auto wire threading, workpiece transfer robot, auto measurement and correction.


  1. Marketing Characteristics

(1) International layout: Marketing more than 36 countries around the world with the EXCETEK brand.

(2) Looking at China: East, South & North are the three major sales areas, focusing on 3C, automotive, aerospace and other industries.

(3) Based on Taiwan: Carefully developed the core technology, Taiwan’s product market share of 40%.


  1. Technical Achievements

(1) Germany New Type 20 2007 004305.8 No. Drahteinfangvorrichtung.









If you want to learn more information about Excetek’s EDM machines or Taiwan Excellence Award, try to check out below:


Excetek Technologies Co., Ltd.


Taiwan Excellence



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