Taiwan Excellence Award 2018: Excetek NP600L Wire EDM Machine

20 Oct

Excetek Technologies is always the best EDM machines manufacturer for you.




Excetek is awarded The 26th Taiwan Excellence Award. Its latest product “NP600L Intelligent High Precision Liner Motor Wire EDM Machine” proves the significant success of Excetek’s innovation and quality by winning this award.


I’m going to show you this excellent EDM machine details below:


Intelligent High Precision Liner Motor Wire EDM Machine


Excetek Taiwan Excellence Award

  1. Innovation Value

(1)Precision: low error, intelligent processing module and smart corner control.

(2)Efficiency: DPM module, Improve efficiency.

(3) Cost saving: intelligent power management, low running costs.

(4) Intelligent networking: Remote monitor and management, connect all controller portable device monitor.

(5) Automation: high speed auto wire threading, workpiece transfer robot, auto measurement and correction.


  1. Marketing Characteristics

(1) International layout: Marketing more than 36 countries around the world with the EXCETEK brand.

(2) Looking at China: East, South & North are the three major sales areas, focusing on 3C, automotive, aerospace and other industries.

(3) Based on Taiwan: Carefully developed the core technology, Taiwan’s product market share of 40%.


  1. Technical Achievements

(1) Germany New Type 20 2007 004305.8 No. Drahteinfangvorrichtung.









If you want to learn more information about Excetek’s EDM machines or Taiwan Excellence Award, try to check out below:


Excetek Technologies Co., Ltd.


Taiwan Excellence



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