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29 Aug

TOPSDISK (Spintop Machinery) has commenced production of the NC rotary table in year 1996 in cooperation with Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) for related products and components; to begin with. With decades of experience behind us in the ­eld of NC rotary table, we have developed several models of NC rotary table and the NC Indexing Table and we have received high appreciation from the industry and our valued customers.


In year 2005, we put our dual-axis NC rotary table (commonly known as 4-Axis, 5-Axis) in our production program and sold products around the world and gained a remarkably good response. Five-Axis machining has almost become a trend by then. The advanced countries have adopted Five-axis machining in order to reduce machining time and higher process accuracy (Simultaneously multi-angle

processing) thus improving overall efficiency by installing Dual-Axis NC Rotary Table in the existing three-axis CNC machine.


Direct Drive (DD) motor or torque motor, will be the trend in the mechanical transmission for the future. It has advantage of high-speed, high-accuracy, no backlash etc. For this reason, in 2008, we have been actively involved in developing the rotary table with direct drive motor for 4-axis or 5-axis CNC machine. This research and development we could achieve with the able cooperation and support from PMC and could able to showcase the dual-axis NC rotary table in the Taipei International Machine Tool Show 2009 (TIMTOS 2009). This NC rotary table adopted direct drive motor and encoder, procured from Europe and integrated with Heidenhain controller. By incorporating appropriate cooling circuit it was possible to extract the max. Torque output from the DD motor torque characteristics.


Recently in the market, NC rotary table with DD motors are incorporated with existing controller available for the 4th-axis or 5th-axis on the machine. However, DD servomotors required high precision control system, so it becomes essential to get incorporate the higher level of controller such as HEIDENHAIN, Siemens, Fanuc 31iM and Mitsubishi M70 for the machine which in turn will increase the overall costs. Due to this reason, SPINTOP developed a model of external CNC controller that could be interfaced with the original controller or low-level CNC controller to meet the requirement of DD motor as well keep the cost reasonably low.


This type of controller can control the DD motor to rotate any angle with mi. increment of 0.001° with the help of midrange encoder. According to the requirement of accuracy from a customer such as ±5 sec, ±15 sec and ±30 sec we choose to use multi-angle or multi-surface processing.


Due to this the DD motor have characteristics of high speed, zero backlash and ability to adapt a normal encoder we can offer a NC Rotary Table of stable performance with reduced fault or error. It is easy to interface and integrate DD motor NC Rotary table with in the existing machine with the help of spare M code available.


If you need more details about NC Rotary Table or other quality products, welcome to visit our website and feel free to contact TOPSDISK!


TOPSDISK (Spintop Machinery)





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