Ozone Tester

12 Jan

If you are looking for machinery of ozone test, Ektron Tek is the best choice for you! Our ozone test chambers provide precise and accurate ozone (OZ) concentration environment for rubber and polymer test. Also, we manufacture high-quality tensile testers, vibration testers and rheometer series. Welcome to check our product category and feel free to contact us!


Over the years, Ektron Tek has applied efforts continuously to research and development and has obtained a number of technical patents for various products. Currently, Ektron Tek’s main products are: moving die (foam pressure) rheometer, oscillating disc rheometer, fully automatic high and low temperature ozone tester (ozone test chamber), plunger tester, tensile tester, mixing grader, flexometer, low temperature retraction tester and air tight tester, etc.


Contact for our ozone test chambers now!

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