Over 40 Years in Power Chuck Business

09 Nov

Traditional spirit, innovative technology; people-oriented, solid career in Taiwan and exploring the world: Di Chun Iron Work Co., Ltd. For the past 40 years, Di Chun Iron Work Co., Ltd. insists on the spirit of “quality to be the must and customer must to be the first; do the right thing; seeking the truth and finding the cause” applied to manufacturing various kinds of accurate products. We rapidly rose from small or medium-sized companies and factories, but today we are wide continuously recognized and have been honored by supplying worth-trust power chucks to many worldwide users. Di Chun expanded in 1992 and established the brand “Auto Strong” which has a meaning of being precise and strong as eagle’s claw to emphasize the quality and high performance of our power chuck. This is our value to focus on research & development and innovation, solid our career in Taiwan then head to the international power chuck market; as far as we go, the precise production process were compliments by our customers.



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