Easy to Find A Perfect Badge Holder

08 Sep

A name badge is common not only in the workplace environment and at special events, but is becoming more common at schools and in volunteer organizations. They may be individually selected by the badge holder, but often they provided by the organization issuing the card. Name badge holders are products used to protect and display badges as well as to provide a uniform way of displaying the badge at some organizations.

The name badge holder comes in many different materials, colors and sizes. The popular ones are often found in clear vinyl or in color coded vinyl. Some have magnets to secure them. Others use an armband functionality. They are laid out in vertical or horizontal format and may be soft or rigid. Some special badge holders are credit for environments that require additional safety features for the security of the card holder and the card.

Clear vinyl card holders do not usually come with an attachment. Their holder is a plastic covering for the badge and often comes with slot and chain holes. This type uses a standard badge clip, lanyard or other badge attachment to secure the holder to clothing. Others are equipped with attachments from the manufacturer. These may be a clip, chain or cord. These holders can be attached directly to a uniform or outfit or to a different attachment such as a lanyard.

Badge holders sometimes come with magnet attachments. These ones work well for attaching the badge to thicker pieces of clothing such as a jacket. The magnet securely holds the badge without piercing the clothing.

There is a special type suited for factories and laboratories. It is a non-static badge holder which has slot holes for badge clips, chains or lanyard, and it is perfect for research labs and other similar environments.

Armband holders are used by people that are in an active environment. The ID fits perfectly into a pouch that contains a band strap. The strap is placed on the card holder’s arm and allows free movement while the badge is displayed. Free movement with this ability to quickly display necessary identification is the benefit of it.

Another popular badge holder is the economy type. It is made of plastic and is popular with those who desire extra protection from breaking. It provides protection for the edges of the card and it prevents the card from bending. Elementary school children often tend to bite the edges of their identification card and these holders are seen frequently in school settings. This holder protects the badge in many situations.

Various other options are available. A quick search online will provide a wealth of information about options that would meet organizational needs. A call to an ID card expert will provide a wealth of information and options that provide the best cards and badge holders.

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