Urinal Flush Valves – What Are They?

20 Apr

The benefits of an automatic urinal flusher are numerous; not only will the bathroom will be cleaner and odor free, the chances of contamination from toilet handles is greatly reduced. On these days of pandemic and swine flu, that is the greatest benefit of all.

If you thought that installing a urinal flush valve is a complicated and expensive endeavor,here are some facts to consider:

The biggest manufacturers of urinal flush valves are Zurn, Sloan, Moen, Mansfield and Delta. They are all reputable companies that have dealt with bathroom fixtures for years. The prices vary according to the model from under $100 to over $300 per unit.

Installation of the urinal flush valve does not require a change in plumbing. It is installed on the outside, and is a quick and painless procedure that doesn’t take a long time and does not require the water supply to be shut off.

The urinal valve has a battery operated sensor. The batteries need changing every 2 to 5 years according to the frequency of use. Changing the battery is a simple matter-as simple as changing a battery on a child’s toy.

Urinal valves is virtually maintenance free. Once you install it and adjust the sensor, it will work by itself. Sensors can be adjusted to flush at certain intervals or by sensing a presence in front of the urinal.

Nextag is an excellent source of information.They carry all kinds of urinal valves from a variety of manufacturers, big and small. Airdelights is a big distributer fixtures for the bathroom and have different kinds of urinal flush valves. has both exposed and concealed flushometers – their brand name for the automatic urinal flusher.

Installing a urinal flush valve will enable you to concentrate on more important things than the cleanliness of the bathroom. It will not only make your bathroom smell better, it will help us all avoid disease.

These are just a few of the options in urinal flush valves.

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