Textile Cleaning Spray Gun Suppliers – TENLUXE

16 Dec

Tenluxe supplied Cleaning Spray Gun products to the highly developed knitting, dyeing and printing industries in Taiwan at the time. In 1969 Tenluxe purchased sophisticated machinery that was ultimately used to produce Taiwan’s first aluminum electric cleaning gun. Our fabric stain remover & ink stains removal products including Tenluxe Cleaning Gun series, Cleaning Spray Gun series, ink solvent Naphtha, Inkcleaners, Puff series, Snaxin product series, lubricant and so on.

Tenluxe Textile Cleaning Gun Type A, Type A-102

Most of the machine oil stains and dust on textile materials can be easily cleaned with the Tenluxe textile cleaning gun. Aluminium alloy structured type A is especilly designed for textile factories with large work-loads strong spray, with a minimum of cleaning solvent exhaustion.

Tenluxe Textile Cleaning Gun B-1, B-2, B-3, B-4

Light-weight electric cleaning gun B-1 involves a totally different style of design. A stream-line Nylon outer shall, strong sprays with economic solvent exhaustion, and comfortable hand-hold are its specialties. Most suitable for textile manufactories and laundries with medium and light work-loads.

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