Choose May Shuay As Your Longitudinal Seam Welder Manufacturer

09 Nov

Longitudinal seam welder is main process equipment used to produce linear welds on a variety of sheet metal fabrications.

May Shuay Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing and marketing of high efficient and labor-saving turn-key automatic welding machine. The company offers customers the options of laser welding machine, seam welders, precision plasma welding machine, inverter TIG welders, MIG welders and plasma cutting machine.

Here, I’m going to show you one of May Shuay’s main products – Longitudinal Seam Welder.

Longitudinal Seam Welder


May Shuay Longitudinal Seam Welder

May Shuay longitudinal seam welding machine can be used to produce gas or fluid tight joints in a variety of sheet metal fabrications. Sheets can be tubular, formed rectangular/square tubes or flat sheets with a longitudinal seam welder for manufacturing parts like tin cans or steel drums. Steel, aluminum or stainless fuel tanks for motor vehicles are other prime examples.

Capabilities / Equipment Instructions:

  • Traveling Track Way: Driving member consists of linear slide way and ball bearing worm. Smooth travel no jerk. High efficient transmission. Effective travel: 380mm.
  • Circular Back-Up Rod: In using of water cooling method for water circulation system. Good cooling effect results in good weld joint quality.
  • Back-Up Copper: The design is subject to change based on the contour, sheet metal thickness, welding method of the work piece.
  • Pressure Hold-Down: The keyboard style pressure hold-down in using of the air bag results in uniform pressure distribution. The weld joint is flat and even.
  • Center Pin: To use center pin cylinder operation to center location the work piece. Easy operation and precise orientation.
  • Work-Piece Pre-Spots Welding: To pre-weld the front guide arc board and the tail board. A straight line can be placed on the front guide arc board and the tail board in order to align the center line.
  • Work Piece Location Board: location board to fix the length of the work piece is done by manual. Location is adjustable as per the length of the work piece.
  • Tail Fastener: In using of pneumatic fastener.
  • Up /Down Location of The Welding Gun: By up/down travel of the cylinder. Travel: 50mm
  • The Position/Angle Adjustment of The Welding Gun: The position of the welding gun is adjustable to X/Y direction. Adjustable weld angle. S=50x50mm


  • Stand up when working to maintain efficiency.
  • Easy operation. Just adjust the weld length, weld condition, and weld gun position to produce stable and good quality product.

Control Method:

  • Electric Control: In using of PLC electric control system. It is a easy system for operating and upkeep
  • Inlet Power: 1Ø220V, 50/60HZ
  • Inlet Air Supply: 5KG/CM²

Now, have you known the basics of seam welder? If you still want to get more information about May Shuay welding machines, try to check out their website: and feel free to send inquiry to May Shuay.

May Shuay Technology Co., Ltd.

No. 631-1, Dongsing Rd., Dali City, Taichung County, Taiwan

Tel: 886-4-24070628 / 886-4-24070628

Fax: 886-4-24072849



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